Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem. Coral reefs worldwide are threatened as never before. We are currently experiencing the third largest coral bleaching event ever recorded. Reef Relief and their partners continue to educate our leaders and communities with sound science in an effort to drive policy, awareness, and passion for our environment. Pollution, overfishing, ocean acidification, and offshore oil drilling are just some of the threats to our reefs that Reef Relief addresses. They provide local boaters, fishermen, divers, and snorkelers with informative brochures that promote safe practices that respect the environment. Their volunteers remove thousands of pounds of trash from mangrove shorelines and their education program include the Discover Coral Reefs School Program & spring and summer Coral Camp for Kids. Both are a great success with kids and parents. Additionally, they work with civic and scientific organizations in the development of the Key West Marine Park. The Reef Relief Environmental Center, located in downtown Key West, helps to educate locals and visitors about coral reefs. Its educational exhibits, literature, and films are free to the public. Reef Relief's goals: - Focus on rigorous science to educate the public & advocacy toward policymakers to achieve conservation, protection, and restoration of coral reefs - Increase public awareness of the importance and value of living coral reef ecosystem - Increase scientific understanding and knowledge of living coral reef ecosystems - Strengthen grassroots community-based efforts to protect coral reef ecosystems - Design, develop, support, and implement strategies for marine protected areas

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Photo Credit: Lucja Rice