Miss Key West Unloads First Batch of Key West Pink Gold Shrimp!

Thanks to KeyTV for featuring this segment on The Key West Historic Seaport showing Miss Key West!

Southeastern Shrimp and Seafood Co., the owners and operators of Miss Key West Shrimp Boat, are now producing and distributing the highest quality seafood in the Florida Keys! As owners and operators of the Miss Key West Shrimp Boat, they’re currently the only locally owned and producing shrimp boat in Monroe County!

Simply put, they’re not just part of Key West history – they’re making history! The sack of shrimp you see in the photo below is the first sack to officially hit the dock and go across the scales in Key West in about 30 years!

a bag of shrimp from the miss key west shrimp boat.

Fresh catch of pink shrimp on  Miss Key West shrimp boat.

For more information about Miss Key West and Southeastern Shrimp & Seafood Co., visit their Facebook page or find them on the Key West Historic Seaport website!

miss key west shrimp boat at key west historic seaport.

Miss Key West Shrimp Boat, Photo: Daniel Smith

Finally, to place an order for your own fresh, delicious, pink Key West shrimp, contact Daniel Smith, owner and operator of Miss Key West, at southeasternshrimpandseafood@gmail.com or call (305) 587-3108.

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