Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief

The Key West Historic Seaport is proud to announce that we have partnered with some amazing people in an attempt to help aid in relief towards our friends down in the Bahamas. In the event of Hurricane Dorian, some of the islands and our sister island, Green Turtle Cay, were completely devastated. As we work with the community and the City of Key West, our goal at the Historic Seaport is to obtain as many resources as we can in assisting the many lives affected by this terrible storm.

The Key West Historic Seaport has partnered with Key West Cares and designated Conch Republic Seafood Company as one of our dropoff points within the Historic Seaport. Within the restaurant, you will find a dropoff box where you can place your items. Key West Cares has been in direct contact with various people in the Bahamas and is working closely with them to get the specific items they need the most. Any school supplies, storage bins or containers, and children & infant clothing will be greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions, please ask for Casey Arnold from Conch Republic Seafood Company or email us at the Key West Historic Seaport.

We have also partnered with the incredibly talented, Kira Moore from Turtle Kraals. Kira is twenty-two years old and has already done her first run down to the west end of the Bahamas accompanied by seven other boats. They single-handedly dropped off thousands of pounds of supplies they collected themselves. As mentioned by Kira, “Since the hurricane, many people are without basic necessities. They have no water, food, home or fuel! We are now trying to collect bigger supplies for rebuilding. There are a select few men who stayed behind to rebuild but everyone else is being brought to another island. We want to bring the guys and powered tools, fuel, grills, tarps, tents, and money donations to afford any other supplies needed! We greatly appreciate any help.” Should you have any questions, please ask for Kira Moore from Turtle Kraals Resturant.

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