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When it comes to tropical vacations, nothing can compare to the Key West Historic Seaport. Setting sail from the Historic Seaport towards the glittering ocean, sparkling sand, and the vibrant sunrays; the tropical ambiance truly makes our Seaport a travelers paradise. It is because of this novelty that hundreds-of-thousands of people frequent the Historic Seaport every single year. It felt only necessary to stop and marvel in some of our traveler’s experiences. With so many questions swirling over our head, we needed in-depth answers to cure our curious minds. 

In comes Diego. Diego lives in Cape Coral, Florida, and travels a lot. Truthfully, a lot is an understatement. We quickly found out it is Diego’s quest to visit all 59 U.S. National Parks. It is because of that quest that Diego ventured down to the Key West Historic Seaport, hopped on the Yankee Freedom III and landed afoot The Dry Tortugas. Now, what is typically a four-hour destination experience for most people was not the case for Diego. His trip lasted five days. Diego slept under the stars, woke up before the sun and claimed this island to himself for the time being. “It was a lifetime experience to be able to wake up before the sun went up, go up the fort, and experience a surreal sunrise all by myself. With no one around and just the birds flying on top of me in circles — Or to be all by myself sitting on the moat, watching the sunset. Surreal.” Very Ernest Hemingway of you, Diego!  

And then there is Daniel aka Mr. Take-Off-Tuesday. Daniel, who lives in Coral Springs, Florida, trip required a little more spontaneity.  Considering Daniel was in the Key West Historic Seaport for one day, he sought out Fury Water Adventures and up he went. High above the sparkling waters of Key West, while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of paradise, Daniel chose to parasail. When asking Daniel what prompted his trip to the Historic Seaport he simply stated, “Well, I have this thing I do. On my days off on Tuesday’s, I go places and travel for one day and do different things.” When reflecting on his experience it was no surprise that Daniel said, “It feels like you’re weightless and the view is amazing!” 

About 2,700+ miles away lives Sarah Jane. Sarah, originally from Australia, currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. About eight months ago, Sarah and some friends were on a group tour in South Florida. After exploring the east coast, Sarah made it down to the Key West Historic Seaport which became an “immediate highlight”. Booking a day excursion with Fury Water Adventures, Sarah and her friends partook in jet skiing, snorkeling, and claimed their very own water playground. She too went up, way up. “Parasailing was just a really an amazing experience and it should be on everyone’s bucket list.”

Then there is the very talented Paul Koch. He and his wife live in Boston and because his daughter and son-in-law reside in the Key West Historic Seaport he frequents the Keys often. While on vacation his passion is photography and boy does that show. When asked what his favorite part about the Historic Seaport is, Paul expressed, “The entire experience of wandering around doing my thing (photography) and just observing all that goes on with tourists and locals alike.” His fondest memories while visiting the Historic Seaport are “The spectacular sunsets I’ve captured and the sunset sails on the Jolly Rover with her red sails.” Paul is a true talent and his passion radiates through his photos of the Historic Harborwalk and Jolly Rover.  

The Key West Historic Seaport has honored its heritage while also incorporating a modern elegance. It truly is a place where old meets new. The Historic Seaport is the perfect place to experience old Key West waterfronts with just the right blend of modern comfort convenience. Whether you’re in the mood for a history lesson in fun like Diego, a historic sunset cruise as Paul or just a memorable water adventure like Daniel and Sarah; it is safe to say the Key West Historic Seaport has all your needs covered!

Key West Historic Seaport: Your Gateway to Everything Key West!

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