Introducing the Historic Seaport Love For Locals Campaign

As we get back to business in this “new normal,”  we continue to share all the reasons that the Historic Seaport is a premier destination. On that note, we’re excited to introduce our new Love For Locals marketing campaign, featuring the best part of Key West – our amazing Historic Seaport tenants and businesses.

In light of current circumstances, this campaign will focus on the region’s drive market, and specifically Monroe County. However, as always, we want visitors from outside Monroe County to have that inclusive Key West vibe. The campaign will feature a unique landing page dedicated exclusively to tenants & featuring current promotions, hours of operation, changes to menus, or any other features specific to your business.

In the coming days, we’ll be doing a full roll-out of the campaign & providing tenants all branding materials.

We can’t wait to show our #LoveForLocals & our amazing tenants at the #HistoricSeaport!

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