The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in the World: Key West

Did you know that if you look really close when the sun sets you can see the green flash? When the conditions are right, a green spot is visible above the upper rim of the sun’s disk. Green flashes occur because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors. Locals know of the green flash and make a point of looking for it every night. It is very seldom to not have an incredible sunset in Key West and the best place to view this unforgettable act of nature is the Historic Seaport. Even though Key West is ranked #3 by, we feel it is the best!

The Tower Bar at Turtle Kraals will captivate your attention as you enjoy libations with the sun melting in the distance. If you want to get up close and personal, book a sunset cruise on your visit to Key West. The Key West Historic Seaport has more boats that go out for the sunset than any other location in Key West.

Josh Rowan from Hindu Charters explains, “We have the largest Schooner fleet (approx 13 depending on the time of year) than any harbor in the United States. When we go out sailing, it’s literally like going back in time. The beautiful silhouetted sails dot the horizon making you feel like you’re in the 1880’s.” This is only one of the many fun, exciting, laid back cruises to enjoy.

Schooner Hindu

Restless Native Charters, Appledore Sailing, Sebago Watersports, Sunset Watersports, Fury Watersports and Sunset Sail Key West are also available at the marina. You can find the exact ambiance you are looking for on a sunset cruise at the historic paradise seaport and don’t forget to look for the green flash.

The weekend of April 14-16 is a very exciting time in the Keys.  April 14th will be the 27th Annual 7-mile Bridge Run. 1 Bridge, 80 minutes, 6.8 miles and 1500 runners! The race begins at 7:20 am and the bridge re-opens at 9:00 sharp. Registration is only $75.00.

Go to for more information. The opposite of this serious run is the 5th Annual Cow Key Bridge Run. This takes place at the Cow Key Bridge located between Stock Island and Key West. This year’s theme is Discow Inferno. Costumes are encouraged so pull out your best disco cow. This being the ONLY Zero K Bridge Run in the Keys, you won’t want to miss it. Registration for $10.00 includes a souvenir race bib OR for $35.00, you will receive a t-shirt, race bib and a koozie! Grazing starts at 10:00 am with the ‘race’, after the World Famous Ringing of the Cow Bells, beginning at 12:00 pm. The time to beat is 23.1 seconds. More information can be found at

Then on the 16th, the 23rd Annual Taste of Key West will be held at Mallory Square (400 Wall Street) from 6pm -9pm. The admission is FREE and the event will benefit AIDS Help, more than 50 Key West restaurants offer delicious tapas-sized portions-each taste costing from $3 – $8. This lively event will have you bouncing from cuisine to cuisine, all the while enjoying the generous selection of fine wines available in a collectible wine glass.

Key West Historic Seaport: Your Gateway to Everything Key West!

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